Pong Prom is an art project designed to produce an experience which is at once competitive and collaborative. Participants don specially-designed hoodies and engage in a game of Pong by slow dancing with each other.

The project uses the Lilypad Arduino platform to control game play, run the display, and communicate between devices. Patches of conductive fabric on the shoulders, hips, and cuffs of the shirts are used to create a serial connection between the Arduinos. An accelerometer attached at the back of the neck allows each player to control their game paddle by rocking their partner back and forth.

Full construction video and How To are coming soon.

Any questions regarding this project can be sent to info at covertathletics.com

Models: Carly Benkendorf and Devin Hunt
Tunes support: Rob Bergamin
Special thanks to Mark Argo for help with the hardware.